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I had left home earlier than Anu and I could see she was getting ready to leave for her office.She took out her clothes from the cupboard and took them along with her to the bathroom. Everything seemed as usual as my wife disappeared into the bathroom.Quite often I would hear Anu reprimanding Gopal and he would respond to her scoldings and shoutings with lowered head. We both thought of him as an innocent timid viilager, so much so that Anu was hardly much cautious of herself and her clothing, with him around. This went on for a few days, and my wife had no clue about it. I searched in my home PC , for the sexy pictures of Anu which I had shot. It had many pictures of hers, including the one where she was masturbating with her vibrator.She would wear nighties or skirts in the night, and at times while lying down on the couch and watching TV, they would expose her legs and calves. I made some prints of those pictures, put them in an envelope and kept them next to her clothes in the cupboard.Later that day, I saw Gopal masturbate two more times using her clothes. And I could see his lust for Anu was growing by the day. I wasn't satisfied with seeing anymore, I wanted to hear too.I wanted to know if Gopal muttered anything about Anu, while cumming.

My wife actually hardly even thought Gopal was a grown up individual with his own thoughts.He started peeping through the keyhole of the bathroom.As he intently peered through the small opening, he maneuvered his cock of his trousers, not taking his eyes of the keyhole even for a moment.The window cam was empty and I was wishing that she would take her bath quickly and leave for office, so that Gopal could begin his sexual play.For a couple of minutes, I just kept staring the at the empty webcam window, when suddenly Gopal appeared in our bedroom.

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